Cari Cabaniss Counseling

Cari Cabaniss, MA, LPC Intern (she, her, hers)  Supervised by Sunny Lansdale, PhD, LPC-S

Cari Cabaniss, MA, LPC Intern (she, her, hers)

Supervised by Sunny Lansdale, PhD, LPC-S

Welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site. If you are here to learn more about my specialities, please visit the services page to learn more. When you are ready to schedule an appointment, please call or email me, I’m excited to hear from you!

Reaching out for therapy can be a challenging process and take a lot of emotional energy. I’m a stranger and we do not yet know each other. I’ll start the introductions to help make this easier - here is a little about me:

I am originally from the Dallas area and moved to Austin in 2006. I was seeking a new start in life and sure found it here! I enjoy developing the creative side of my personality during my free time by painting, doing mosaics, and sculpting in stone. My guilty pleasures are watching creative competition TV shows, listening to podcasts about mental health and true crime, and shopping for art supplies.

My passion and goal in life is to work toward elimination of stigma around seeking mental health care. Toward that end, I try to advocate for change wherever I can.

I choose to work with clients in a collaborative way. You are the expert on your life! My goal is to work with you to unlock the power and potential for healing that I believe we all have.

EMDR Therapy is a powerful modality because it allows the brain to begin healing itself. That is why I have chosen to specialize in EMDR Therapy!

Thank you again for visiting and if you think I may be a good fit, please contact me for a free consultation.